Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Gullible Citizen

“God bless us everyone, we were broken people living on a loaded gun”.  Some verses from Catalyst as sung by Linkin Park, although not targeted at Saudi, provides a vivid description of the hell we live in Saudi.  Why should this wonderful country be a haven when we, in Saudi, are divided due to extremely trivial matters.  Why is it in Saudi the different minorities cannot come together and understand the “divide and conquer” strategy placed on them?  Why is it in Saudi do we look for the flaws of our neighbor to justify the prosecution he is facing from the ruling class?  Why is it in Saudi do the public raise their guns against members of their own neighborhood before their government?

Sadly, the events of the past year have shown us exactly how divided we are.  The Arab Spring has exposed the hypocritical lives we live.  When we in Saudi label revolutionists in Egypt and Syria as people fighting for their freedoms and the same revolutionists in Saudi as trouble makers and anarchists, it shows that the Saudi public is fully trusting the lies passed unto them by those who have a high profit in the lies delivered to the public being believed.  During the past year, the ruling class was successful in continuing their propaganda to keep their grasp strong on the throne.  This class of people have attacked those fighting for their freedoms with a full artillery.

Another class of the public are those that choose to be neutral and have failed to see developments of the events in their own country.  What puzzles me in this aspect is that this class of people, like their predecessors,  are extremely interested in those requesting their liberation from tyranny on foreign soil (outside Saudi Arabia) but when the same happens on local soil, they are the first to admit that all is fine in this land, none is being prosecuted against and everyone is comfortable in the land of Saudi with all their needs being met.

It is in the rulings class’s best interest to keep us ignorant of each other.  How else can they ensure their control over our rich country? They have kept us ignorant of our history.  How else can they ensure their grasp over our minds? They have wiped our faith.  How else can they govern with a deformed religion? They have destroyed our education and knowledge.  How else can they ensure that no uprising with a sound justification is raised causing the upraise of obstacles in their route to power? They have ensured that they control a class of people that is ignorant to their surrounding, illiterate of their rights and gullible to the lies handed to them, which in turn has truly lead us to becoming a “broken people living on a loaded gun”.

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