Friday, February 24, 2012

Between the Hypocrite and Ayoon wa Azan

Almost two weeks ago, number six and seven of the Qatifi martyrs has fallen at the hands of the Saudi army placed in Qatif, an army whose only goal is to crush those requesting their freedoms through peaceful (unarmed) demonstrations.  During the same weekend, our beloved King, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, expressed his Discontent towards the UNs security council to act on the issue of Syria.   To this, the Washington Post posted their article “The Saudi King’s Hypocrisy”.  In response, Dar Alhayat’s Jihad el-Khazen posted his attack on the Washington Post as a whole and their position taken during the war on Iraq and their continued support for Israel in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, without actually defending the King’s position.  This was presented under the title Ayoon wa Azan (“The Washington Post’s Hypocrisy”).

Before starting, I do not believe that any Saudi doubts the nobility of our King.  I believe that the Saudi King has shown his loyalty towards the Saudi Public and that he really seeks a change for the better within the Saudi Borders.  However, he has failed to acknowledge and recognize that the Qatifi people have been demonstrating for the past year expressing their discomfort with the way his government has been treating them.  His administration has failed to abolish the discrimination this group is receiving at the hands of officials it has either assigned or acknowledged their assignment.  Worst of all, it has failed to ensure that these people feel secure, a security that he, the king, has claimed to have provided for all Saudi people.  In my Response to Jihad, I have failed to recognize the scope of your response to the Washington Post as I have also failed to define why the king, or his administration, has been disregarding the people of Qatif and has not to retaliated against those who have contributed in the killing of unarmed and untrained youngsters. 

Given the current situation, for any outside viewer, the King’s position on the matter is contradictory.  All we want, the people of Qatif, is to be respected and acknowledged and the King and his administration have yet to do both.  They have to listen to what the people want and not what those appointed by them pass unto them.  They have to understand why the people of Qatif are revolting and not turn a blind-eye to the situation and question their allegiance.  As mentioned in a previous article, these people have been on this land for over 5500 years they were some of the first to embrace Islam.  Their loyalty has always been and will always be to the land that has guaranteed their survival and the religion that has secured them.  It will never be for a foreign power as the Saudi state poorly claims in its official report.

I would like to conclude by saying: What a Shame? What a shame when our leadership exposes us to an “anti-Muslim” (as Jihad would like to put it) newspaper? What a shame when they fail to understand the conflicts in their policy of the foreign versus the domestic? What a shame when they call for the condemning of a tyrant, yet rule their people under the same laws of those tyrants?  Here I support the King in his position in supporting the Syrian people, but await the day he takes a similar position towards the people of Qatif.

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