Thursday, October 27, 2011

White Samurai & Black Ninja

When first arriving in Saudi Arabia, you will notice two major clans: The White Samurai and The Black Ninja. Unlike the Japanese Samurai and Ninja, Saudi's clans are living together with a common understanding. Upon further observation, you will notice that the Samurai act as guardians to the ninjas as it seems that they are incapable protecting themselves.  There are a lot of complications between the two clans in Saudi Arabia that has provided the conditions to arrive at this type of relationship between the two.  One such complication is the role the two played traditionally and the role they wish to play given the circumstances provided by the modern age.

According to Saudi culture the Ninja is still viewed as a fragile jewel and a vulnerable being that needs to be protected against all harm.  To play the role of protector, a Guardian Samurai is appointed (through fatherhood, brotherhood or marriage).  This creates a problem for them as it cripples them from managing their lives efficiently and effectively.  To support the Samurai in his role, the legal system has placed limitations on the Ninja's choices in life by requesting the approval of their Samurai guardians.   The limitations practiced against them have affected their commuting, travel, marriage and even their income.

The situation between the two has grown in complexity as the traditional relationship is being challenged by New Age values and opportunities. In Saudi Arabia the two do not understand the limitations of their interaction and they are required to interact in the modern day.  They do not understand the obligations they have for each other and they are required to define these obligations.  They are incapable of defining their rights and they are required to understand these rights.  

Given the situation, there is a solution. The legal system needs to establish a system where the two are considered as human beings with equal rights.  They both should be considered as responsible for the choices they make and they should both be protected equally by the system against other parties.  Once the two parties are viewed as equals in the eyes of the legal system, the two will be equipped to play their roles in society effectively.  To support this further, the legal system should relax its restrictions against the inter-mixing of the two.  This will aid the two on understanding each other.  It will also help them in building a platform were they can share a level plane of mutual respect. Once this is done they can both play an effective role in building their community.

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