Friday, September 9, 2011

Only in Saudi

Only in Saudi is the traffic laws are a group of legislation on a piece of paper, never abided by nor respected by anyone (including all official staff).

Only in Saudi is your complaint shelved under the title "under study" never to see the light of day.

Only in Saudi does the citizen need to check his obligations without knowing his rights because the official body seems to be on a long term slumber.

Only in Saudi does the trader ensure the income to his pockets by lying and cheating without fear of being prosecuted.

Only in Saudi do the rich get richer while the rest of the nation disputes their minor differences.

Only in Saudi do we claim we have been liberated by the light of Islam yet our citizens attempt to escape the prisons of their borders.

Only in Saudi do we have religious police that only chase after the weak and hiding all social, financial and political corruption practiced by the strong.

Only in Saudi do we preach the morals of prophet Muhammed without seeing their impact on our social life.

Only in Saudi will you find that your female family members are not allowed to drive but it is OK for them to be secluded with a foreign driver (which is against the teachings of Islam).

Only in Saudi does a woman need to seek her legal guardian's permission to do anything.  In case her husband, father or brother/s is dead, the legal guardian will be her under-age son.

Only in Saudi do we have a huge income yet the majority of our cities are poor and under budgeted.

Only in Saudi will you have some cities having roads that are paved every six months whilst other cities/villages do not have any paved roads.

Only in Saudi do our high level officials claim that the corrupt actions are of those working beneath them yet there is no attempt to filter out those corrupt individuals.

Only in Saudi do we have a king of humanity whilst human rights are the least respected within the borders of his kingdom.

I believe that the above only scratches the surface of the problems here.  I say "only in Saudi" because we rule according to Islamic law which, according to our authorities, ensures the integrity of all individual in the community.  Yet, Islam in the kingdom has been perverted to guarantee the rights of the less than one percent over the rest of the population.  

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