Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Grand Conspiracy

As a man, I have many identities.  Whilst dressed in any one of those identities, there is always someone who is conspiring against me.  As a Muslim, the world is conspiring to wipe out my religion.  As an Arab the UK has conspired to wipe out my language and traditions.  As a Middle Eastern, the US is conspiring with Israel to ensure I am unaware of the borders of Palestine.  As a Saudi, the US is conspiring to rob me of my natural resources.   Being from the Eastern Province, the Government is plotting to steal my Oil.  As a Qatifi, the Wahabi movement is conspiring to rid the world of my culture and faith.  However I decide to look at it, there is always someone who is plotting against me to ensure my total failure and total loss.

The above is a simple snapshot of how the members of the common minority group evaluate their situation.  It may not follow the exact stages as stated above as the above relate to someone from the coastal city of Qatif.  By placing road blocks for progress, you will notice that the communities of the minorities fail to develop and as such, remain to be true “Ghettos”.   From these Ghettos, sometimes you get the exceptions that have decided to tear themselves away from the dilemma that the world is conspiring against them.  By doing so, they managed to focus on their personal goals and therefore are more likely to succeed then other members of their communities.

In essence a Ghetto to me is nothing more than a state of mind.  The mentality of the Ghetto is a mentality that allows the individual to place excuses outside the boarders of his own flaws to justify his failure.  This is usually done by blaming others for his failures and, in the case if there is no one to blame, blame it on the system that has been setup to make him fail.  In contrast, those who have attempted to outgrow their “Ghetto” mentality have managed to be extremely successful.  As a small example of this we can consider Barak Obama who managed to overcome two conspiracies when he became US President.  The first is him being from an African Heritage.  The Second is him being from an Islamic descent.   Another example from the realm of Saudi is Abduljaleel Alsaif who managed to overcome the general prejudice of the community, the dilemma of him being from Qatif and a Shiite to become a member of the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia, the advisory board to the Saudi King.

The above two examples show that a person can achieve a lot if he abandons the “Ghetto” mentality and attempts to grow himself beyond what his community is willing to offer.  There are many opportunities that a person can grasp if he explores beyond the borders of his own social circle and such opportunities can escalate the person’s financial as well as social stature.  Another way describe this action is simply “Thinking out of the Box”.  

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