Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Double Standard

During the first few days of Ramadan, King Abdullah issued a statement to the Syrian government to not prosecute people for practicing their basic freedoms of expressing their views.  The King continued his suggestions to the Syrian government of not practicing force to crush the demonstrations and give the people what they are asking for.  This has contradicted with how the body represented by the King has treated the demonstrations in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.  

Both Saudi and Bahrain’s demonstrations were peaceful demonstrations and did not request to topple the governments, unlike those in Syria.  The requirement of the demonstrators of the first was to simply free prisoners of opinions (those that showed an opinion that contradicted with the path of the government).  The second was a request of reform to the government (a non-major reform).   

To continue the oppression of the public’s freedom of speech, the Saudi authorities have ensured to imprison anyone who speaks his mind and criticizes their ruling.  A small example was the imprisonment of a Shi'ite cleric from the city of Hofuf last week because of his position against the government.   In addition to this, the authorities (in both cases) tried to limit media coverage as much as possible.  The cycle was then complete when the religious figures ensured to provide Islamic rulings against the demonstrations.

I wish for our “Legal Guardians” (Government) to stick by one standard.  If they wish to oppress their public, they should invite all else to follow suite.  However, if they wish to preach humanitarian values to the outside world, I wish they would start within their border first to set the right example.


  1. Na, that's too much to ask. They won't change because there is a lot of danger to their power and interest in the kind of change people are asking for. It will wise for the government to make the changes at the time people are not pissed because once people reach that "I don't give a s##$" point, then things will get ugly.
    I'm just hoping that one day things will become better. :)

  2. I am aware that change is nothing more than a pipe dream. However all I ask is for consistency in their treatment of the situation

  3. lol, even the US is not consistent in their treatment of any situation. It's common interest man. If they have to be an ally to the Satan himself, they would do it. :)