Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modern Man Vs. Religious Man

What does it mean to be spiritual and religious? These two terms during the modern age have taken a twist to mean traditional and conservative. The problem is that those who support this view come from the religious community itself. You will see the pious man following two contradicting lives: 1) living for worldly gains and 2) living for the Day of Judgment. When he is asked about the two contradictory lives he is living, usually he fails to answer.

Religion has recently failed to answer some of the dire questions its followers may have when coming to terms with the modern age. To substitute for this, the religious figures have tied heaven to their leadership. As a result, they successfully managed to kill the human mind and have alienated all that contradicts their explanation. In turn, the pious follower will reject any idea that might contradict with his scholar’s teachings and will require him to think.

You will find that most of those who are considered to be part of the Muslim world live this dual life. The first is his pious life where you will find the individual praying, fasting and heavily worshipping God. The second is when he steps out of the mosque where he starts to lie and cheat to eat his brother that little bit more. Even when it comes to fundamentals, where the prophet and his followers have set an ideal example of how to defy injustice, how to ensure the spread of the common good and how to treat your brothers, it seems that the law of jungle is dominating the Islamic world, the strong eating the weak and religion being utilized to those in power and not the common good.

Sadly, the Muslim public has been a nation of followers and not thinkers, consumers and not producers, cattle and not humans. When going through the Quran, it is clear that it sets the path of the believers as thinkers. This can be viewed in the stories it tells of the prophets, where it describes how they rejected the way of their forefathers and started searching for God. In comparison, it tells the tale of the non-believers, hell’s population. Throughout, it describes them as imitators of their forefathers and slaves to their traditions. However, looking at modern day Islam, Muslims have been nothing more than slaves to the traditions of ignorance and have taken for granted that their world is still flat. As a result, these pious scholars have (deliberately or not) deviated Muslims from their true path and have successfully killed the human mind within their public, where Muslims have become consumers and not a producers, followers and not a thinkers, slaves and not a free men.

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  1. Some of those who read this failed to notice the indication of the modern as the thinking man who has followed the path of the prophets and the indication here is not the western man