Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Greater Struggle

Once the Muslims conquered Makah, the prophet told his followers "Now is the time for you to perform the greater Struggle (Jihad)".  The followers enquired about this greater struggle that the prophet is emphasizing on.  They have just lost their companions, their belongings and their family members.  The prophet replied "it is the struggle with one's self".

What is this greater struggle prophet Muhammad is talking about and labels it as " the struggle with one's self ".  How can one struggle with oneself?  What are the answers that a person should expect from such a struggle?  More importantly, what are the questions that one needs to ask himself? I have always viewed this statement to point to the way a person understands himself and how a person will know himself.  In other words, a human being should evaluate himself without prejudice or bias.  He or She should view themselves from a third person perspective therefore colliding with what was taken for granted.  Rarely will you find those that question their beliefs and convictions without such prejudice. 

To perform this “Greater Struggle”, a person needs to place himself within his world and his community, the way a person evaluates his beliefs and coming to terms with all his shortcomings.  This internal struggle starts with man’s capability to admit to himself that he is wrong and ending with his capability to collide with is convictions.  To understand this further, the internal struggle is man’s path to improving himself and (ultimately) to perfection.   The first step in this “path to perfection” is to raise the right question.  This questioning process starts with “who am I?” And for this question, I doubt if everyone can answer.  “Who am I?” usually has a lot of backlog that will need justification to yourself, justifications of your actions, justification of your thoughts and justification of your convictions. 

Once a Man can answer the question to “who am I?” the answer will open up doors to many other questions and in accordance will expose the individual’s naked image of himself to himself.  This in turn will expose the flaws of the questioner, flaws that he may know about and flaws that he may not know about.  Once these flaws are identified a person can start to push towards completing himself physically as well as spiritually.  Answering such questions could guide anyone who dares to question himself unto success and a better life.   This in turn will put the questioner unto the golden path of perfection.

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  1. Hi Dear Mujtaba
    I just finish now reading The Greater Struggle , In my humble opinion as much as your article it seems straightforward and easy to be understood , it was so hard to answer your questions . you have open my mind in many question which lots of us did not think about it like "who am I ?" the article start with Jihad story and end with Psychological thoughts to identify what the meaning of great Jihad.
    These type of articles make the reader came back to read again and again so he can summarize or at least answers the author questions .
    Finally ,
    I want say Allah bless your soul keep us updated with your new articles . I like what I read So thanks Brother .